Grim Tails


Hello Fans,

My name is Grim.  I am adorable, cute and spunky and everyone loves ME!  My Mommy, Andrea Beyer, is writing a series of children's stories, called Grim Tails. They are stories about me.  The first book in the Grim Tails series is "Finding a Home."  The second book is "Outdoor Life" and the third book in the series is titled, "Going to the Doctor."


I, being the handsome fellow I am, am the star of them!  My sisters, Pepper and Karmel, and Brother Brutus are also in them. 


The books are AVAILABLE!!!


They make an excellent gift for children ages birth to 8 years old.  Of course, if you are young at heart, you will also enjoy them!  


Please contact me at: [email protected].  I luv to get fan mail!!!  


Instagram:  @Grimthecat1

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