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I live where we have warm summer days and snowy winters.  I have a cat sister Pepper, two dog sisters Karmel and Grizzly and a cat brother Brutus.  I also have an outdoor cat brother Hopkins.  Sadly, Karmel and Grizzly have gone to heaven but I have a new dog brother Loki who mommy and daddy adopted in 2015.


Mom (Andrea Beyer) is writing books for children, called Grim Tails in which I am the star.  The first three books in the series are AVAILABLE!!!  We would love it if you buy her books so she can write the rest of them!  Also, if anyone is a cartoon producer or a stuffed animal maker I would love to see myself in these venues.


The first book in the Grim Tails series is "Finding a Home."  The second book is "Outdoor Life" and the third book is "Going to the Doctor." 


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