Grim Tails


Did you know that Young Living Essential Oils can be safely used on and around us?  We trust this brand because they don't have any chemicals or additives in them.  Mommy has a book for us and herself so she can safely use them on us.  We love them!  We don't like it when people use cleaners with chemicals either, so mommy buys Thieves Cleaner and other products from them as well.  Young Living doesn't have anything bad in their products that will hurt us and she really likes how they work!  We even have a vet that uses Young Living oils and Thieves products in their office!!!!  Mommy teaches classes to people on the oils and ditching and switching their yucky household products.  If you're interested, contact her.  You can make some money, just by hosting a class!  If you would like more information e-mail Mommy at [email protected]

Mommy would love to come to your classroom or special event and read Grim Tails.  She can work with any age group or time slot that you may have.  Below, read about some of the classes she has gone to.  She can even do a craft with the class.  Use the contact page to contact her or e-mail directly to [email protected]

In 2013 mommy went to Cedar Ridge Elementary School's Kindergarten class.  She read the 1st Grim Tails book, printed off the computer.  The books had not even been printed yet!  Ms. T had a very big class with close to 30 students.  Mommy got to take a craft project for the kids to make.  They really enjoyed hearing about ME and telling mommy all about the animals that were part of their families!


February 2014 mommy went to Thomas Metcalf's 1st Grade.  Wow!!! She was impressed!!!  The students, approx. 20, were learning to be authors themselves.  They asked a lot of really good questions about how the book making and writing process went.  They only had 20 minutes but it was packed full!  Ms. S. had the students write about something they learned that week.  I am proud to say that several of them wrote about Grim Tails and two young authors, Addy and Annika, made their own book titled "Grim Tails goes to the vet."  I will put some pictures in a photo album, so check it out.  



August 2014  Karmel and I were invited to go with mommy to the Allin Township library!  We had so much fun!  Karmel and I got petted and petted and petted!!!!  The kids sure did like me!  They said I was soft and handsome and cute and well behaved.  Well, you know, the list goes on and on.  I think they said some things about Karmel too.  I can't wait to go back!

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